My Writing: April 2018



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The moment is tense; the emotions are running rampant, the conscious peripheral sees the landscape in an altered state of existence. What once felt a sense of security within the confines of your personal space has changed into a force of uncertain energy that's out of your control. The focus of retaining some form of stability and calm over the situation is beyond your reach. What is going on? Which direction should you face when the horizon of your journey becomes a distant light? What will be your next move towards gaining complete authority over the structural vitality and integrity that is your light of consciousness?

The instance of adversity is a getaway in the unknown. The liability of your uncertainty creates the opportunity for failure to accomplish meaning and results, but it also provides the opportunity to learn. When we push over the threshold of our capabilities, we open ourselves to a perception of our consciousness unrecognized when we're on a plain of comfort distant from the threats we avoid. The light of consciousness has no incentive to search for directly challenging itself on purpose at any given chance it can get. The less we have to extinguish problematic endeavors, the better off we are to continue our course of pursuing what we believe is vital for our own, individual values. In practice, the mechanism that enables the mindset to filter troublesome scenarios is integral to our survival, without the preliminary subconscious that allows fear and reprehension to occupy our perception, we as a living entity might not exist as well as we do in this present moment. There's a degree where we as a species might have let this practice take over the limits of what's necessary for our continuously evolving landscape, and we tend to misinterpret triggered emotions for what could potentially be an opportunity to grow as an individual, and let the instance pass away. 

In an unknown landscape, the options of imminent failure are most promising. The journey of pursuing the sense of purpose your searching comes at a significant cost, more than what your current state of headspace can comprehend. The opportunity that lies behind the hurdle that you need to surpass can serve as the next step in reaching essential knowledge that'll carry the light of consciousness to where it needs to follow. The instances of fear and uncertainty have the strength to submit yourself to the point of sudden disability, but if you can persevere through the channel of adversity that you're against, the reward can be well worth the effort. 



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Enacting onto the practice of bettering yourself for the right intentions require a source of energy that only belongs to you. Committing to an initiative that correlates towards what matters to your light of consciousness demands every effort from your physical and mental entity. Attaining a perspective that can comprehend the adversities that will occur throughout your journey can create a means to adhere a method of response to experiencing life for what it is, not as an inaccurate interpretation your resistive mindset fabricates. These are attributes among many that I've been working to change and improve for a good deal of time. 

After I took time for myself and traveled across the country, I made the conscious endeavor to condition my mindset to continually idle in a state of inquisition. The outcome I was attempting to reach was of deep introspection. The abundance of knowledge that surrounds us is immense. With the advancements in technology, we've become a population of great wealth, surpassing our forefathers in the pursuit of understanding the complex biological ecosystem that is life. Our course of survival has drastically changed from the generations that precede us. As a young species growing in an ever-accelerating society living within the cosmos, the above claims should provide sight of reassurance of sustainability, a light of comfort for the perpetuation of humankind. But we don't always find ourselves in a position of amenity and feed off from a sense of fulfillment throughout our lives. There are some of us that can't see beyond the barriers their minds have constructed. With the knowledge we possess, we still find ourselves in some form of confliction against ourselves.

The embodiment of fear and resistance can sustain a significant amount of pressure against your true self. The energy instigated to keep you alive is enormous. In circumstances where the fight becomes real, you have to recognize the situation for what it is. In the throes of adversity, you need to stand your ground and prepare your mind to anticipate and perpetuate the consistent offense to preserve your entity. These are the struggles that I battle with each passing day. My practice of defiantly proclaiming what is mine will require work. I'm prepared to make that intention into reality. Are you?