My Writing: July 2018

Photograph Of The Day: 07/04/18

Location: Christie Falls. Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

christie falls 2.jpg

-My short adventure in this stunning landscape just outside of Ladysmith became a morning that I will remember for a long time. What I recalled the most was the peacefulness of the area. Not a soul was around me. I had this wonderful piece of paradise for myself and my imagination. 

Photograph Of The Day: 07/05/18

Location: Sombrio Beach. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

sombrio beach.jpg

-The river source that fell into the waterfall was tremendously beautiful. The further I went up the stream, the more features that I got to enjoy. I personally enjoy seeing every part of the forests, like the fallen trees, still provide an essential use to this wonderful landscape. 

Photograph Of The Day: 07/06/18

Location: Sombrio Beach. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 

sombrio beach waterfall.jpg

-My experience spending time within this astonishing feature by far the highlight of my weekend. I couldn't how gorgeous the walls looked with all the beautiful green growth. The waterfall at the end of the feature is the centerpiece to a stunning creation that only nature could produce.

Photograph Of The Day: 07/09/18

Location: China Beach. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

mystic beach.jpg

After having the privilege of spending time at Sombrio Beach alongside the waterfall that runs through a stunning cavern, I made my way towards China Beach. Located on the south shores of Vancouver Island, the fantastic soft sandy beaches that blend into the rocky terrain which leads into the thick growth forests British Columbia is known for creates a vast palette of landscape to enjoy. 

Photograph Of The Day: 07/11/18

Location: Hole In The Wall. Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

hole in the wall.jpg

- The obsolete water connection reservoir has become a feature that many people have come to see and enjoy. The beautiful watersource makes for a stunning location to relax and take in the peaceful landscape that surrounds it.

Photograph Of The Day: 07/12/18

Location: Chewhat Giant. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

cheewhat giant 1.jpg

Nestled in the Pacific Rim National Reserve on the southern parts of Vancouver Island, the Cheewhat Giant is a spectacle to witness. Standing at 182 feet tall, and 20 feet in diameter, this beautiful Western Red Cedar is has a presence like nothing I've ever experienced in my journey of seeking the beauty that surrounds us. 

Photograph Of The Day: 07/13/18

Location: Cheewhat Giant. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

cheewhat giant 2.jpg

I couldn't resist posting one more image of this tremendously stunning tree and just the immense sheer size it has over everything around it. After taking the footage that I wanted of the tree, I sat down and laid against its massive tree trunk, and just immersed myself in the moment and the beauty that this landscape has grown. I will come again to visit this beautiful location. It was a day I won't forget.