My Writing June 2018 

Photograph of the day: 06/26/18

Location: Cowichan Valley. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 

waterfall long exposure.jpg

-Taking A Step Back-

I've spent the last three months contemplating what my next move with Resonance Reflection Photography and my creative self will become. From the end of winter, through spring, and now at the beginning of summer, I am standing at a point in my journey where I need to make strategic decisions that'll create the momentum to propel my light of consciousness into another chapter through the existential landscape I call home. Two factors have played a role in my absence; the creative process that I became so accustomed to playing a role in my daily life manifested an energy I didn't gravitate too, and I just lost the drive that initially brought an idea of creating my interpretation of capturing the beauty that surrounds us into the visual entity that you see today. 

What happened where I went from producing content on a regular basis and sharing it with all you beautiful people so you could experience the adventures I looked forward too at any opportunity I could get? As a creature of habit, like most of you, where did the energy and stamina of focusing my attention on what I genuinely love investing my time had gone astray? To this day, after taking the initiative of digging into the introspective self and eventually opening up to the people I appreciate the most in my life, I can't provide just one cause to my circumstance. It was a blend of different dynamics that were going on in my daily life; a day job, extensive travel time to and from work, malnutrition, lack of physical exercise, social disconnect and mindful stimulation. All these factors played a significant role in placing my headspace in a stagnant state wholly disconnected from the entity that I've worked so hard to embody. The individual I needed to be to facilitate the creative flow I've established was left in the dark wandering aimlessly to no end. 

As time continued to take the linear course it's followed for as long as the universe has existed, I started to realize that the mental state I submitted myself into, the submissive headspace that I've ultimately subjected my conscious self for the past several months, began to break down as the reality of what I need to do clearly couldn't coexist with an energy that counteracted with its genuinely beautiful nature. I made changes in my personal life. I decided to move closer to my day job. I sold most of my possessions that I didn't need anymore to lighten my living manners and open space within my mental and physical self. I've made the effort to eat better (still a work in progress) and implement physical exercise whenever my schedule allows me to take a bike ride or go for a walk. Most importantly, I sat down with my computer, got a series of photos lined up for editing, and went online to the vast landscape of educational content and let the inspiration of tremendously gifted artists engage the creative flow within the canals I've worked so hard to establish and flood my mind with the energy I've lost touch of for far too long. 

I'm only human, it's natural to deal with peaks and bounds when it comes to traveling through life with virtually no manual that's specifically assigned to you. The best that you can do is learn from your experiences, take the initiative to connect with people who provide value and guidance in your life, and take care of the only physical and mental entity that is you, one day at a time. The state of consciousness we're gifted with is complex and finite, its tremendous in mental capacity but fragile to imminent threats. We only have one true attempt at fulfilling what we deem as a purposeful journey, don't let it go to waste. Take advantage of the tools you have at your disposal, and utilize those tools to attain skillsets to help propel you to your next step. Internalizing this very message was the last hit I needed to take in order to reconnect with myself and open like this too who I believe is an important element in my path to fulfilling my purpose: You.

Photograph Of The Day: 08/27/18

Location: Cowichan River. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

flowers cowichan river.jpg

-The Simple Pleasures-

The time spent in the embrace of nature has spoken volumes in inspiration and connection to the values that truly resonate with me. I can't recall any instances where I left a forest, a coastline, or a mountain landscape unhappy. The return I get when I let my attention drift into the motions of the living entity that surrounds me is astounding. The recurring result is feeling engaged with my true self. The hustle of our complicated daily lives, the challenges we face within our modern civilization, and the various struggles we individually deal while growing as the light of consciousness we are meant to evolve into creates the restrictions and submissive pressures that takes us away from this simple, but powerful connection that needs to be involved in our lives. 

I don't believe we should blame these particular social, ethical, and technological dynamics that have made our lives substantially easier to live within our journeys through our plains of existence. We should be proud of the accomplishments that we've all achieved as a modern civilization. The continuous research and development we strive to reach, the hard conversations and debates that we make a priority to acknowledge and discuss, the efforts of collaboration within different walks of life have all played a role in bettering our chances of understanding and providing value to ourselves and the people that matter to us. My concern in this pursuit of excelling at attaining our purpose comes to view when I see ourselves stray away from the foundation of where our dreams all began, in nature. 

One of the motives behind Resonance Reflection Photography is capturing the beauty that surrounds us. The very beauty that emits a sense of fulfillment that only the life that's within these various landscapes can instigate. The sense of power that I feel when I step onto the dirt that'll eventually be a part of what I capture is impressive. I connect with the flow of the environment; I let my focus intertwine with the beautiful portrait in front of me and everything that inhabits within it. One of the biggest reasons I find myself walking for hours with my camera in nature is I have the ability to disconnect from my daily life and reintroduce myself to who I truly am. There are many reasons why we all take adventures into the wild. My hope with creating content showcasing my interpretation of the beauty that surrounds us keeps the inspiration we all have inside ourselves to connect with the stunning beauty and integral energy that's out there for our hearts to experience. 

Photograph Of The day: 06/29/18

Location: Christie Falls. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

christie falls.jpg

-Back Within The Embrace-

The moment I uncover the end destination of an area that I want to photograph, I always end up with a similar reaction each and every time. The first glance at a natural feature that was once a curiosity for my mind to discover, develops into an emotional connection that I can't replicate in other circumstances in my life. I get completely swept into the energy of the environment, forgetting the trek that I just finished doing. I take everything that surrounds me within my visual capacity, and let my mind open to the wonderful atmosphere that immerses my heart and my imagination. 

The idea of pursuing adventures into the wild has also captivated me in the sense of why we do it in the first place within our modern civilization. We have all the amenities that have the ability to create immense comfort within the paths of our own personal journeys, we still engage away from all our accomplishments we created and explore the unknown. There's an essential and vital connection we have subconsciously that lights when we step into the embracing nature. As much as we've benefitted from the creations that have given us sustenance and comfort in our continual growth within the plains of existence, we still find the urge to get away from all it all and reconnect with the entity that has given the gift of life to each and every one of us.