My Writing: November 2018

Photograph of the day: November 13, 2018

Location: Benson Creek Falls. Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

benson falls.jpg

Anticipating the repercussions of the choices you make throughout the unknown landscape we reside is proactive in theory, but difficult in practice. Our minds insist on believing logical result beyond the thresholds of complete mystery. As credible our ability to construct outcomes out of mere thought can be, the conscious light cannot fully embrace what it doesn't know. One especially affected circumstance comes when taking risks. We've evolved into entities that have far surpassed the limitations once imposed on our predecessors. The period of exponential growth as living beings composed within our societal infrastructure has offered platforms for our imaginations to flourish. Despite the possibilities we have access too, resistance within ourselves still exists, and still has the power to control the journey we want to embark. 

The human mind has several vital functions that are strongly opposed to contemplating: the fear of loss, failure, and death. The neurological software that inhibits our actions towards challenge and adversity is deeply rooted in retaining the capability of sustaining consciousness. The mechanisms aligned to provide balance in our lives is a remarkable feat from nature. In the beginning, our minds slowly feed the critical practices essential for survival. Time establishes roots through our subconscious being, forming the foundation that'll enact the spark to the individual that you'll become. The course of developing oneself varies from each walks of life, a factor that plays a significant role when adulthood becomes the centerfold of existence. The conditioning formed at a young state of being has a profound presence as we explore unfamiliar landscapes. The concern arises from what we believe to be true, to what is possible. 

Our instincts and intuition have provided a means of relying on a system directed by the subconscious entity that's within us. We owe a great deal of gratitude in enabling and trusting our inner selves when adversity faces our path. The problem lies where we need to comprehend the boundaries of what challenges our existential being and what might be an opportunity disguised as the unknown. As we progress through our personal journey's, the limitation of what the mind produces must not be a contributing factor unless it has merit. The finite amount of time we have on this planet should be enough to justify reason when we contemplate on taking risks. The psychological barriers we possess are real, the resistance in pursuing adversity is daunting for the unlikely precarious mindset to take on. At this junction, the question must be asked; What am I facing? How will I benefit from the outcome? What do I need to do to progress from my current state? Let the experience become a reason to push yourself towards the individual you want to become.

photograph of the day: 11/14/18

Location: Benson Creek Falls. Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

benson falls 2.jpg

A moment we experience an emotional connection to the beauty that surrounds us is a moment that defines the very existence of our conscious state. The mystery of what we are; a living entity in the eyes of practical understanding is out of our reach. We have a clear insight into some of the elements involved in the stimulating encounters we come across throughout our journey. Big questions remain unanswered: what is consciousness? Why do we possess the awareness and perception of the world like we do and embark on endeavors that help create purpose and fulfillment in our reasoning? How have we become the complex creatures that explore the vast spaces of inquiry that lies all around us? 

My time of introspection through the years has helped me establish a means to understand myself to a level I once didn't recognize. The energy conveyed in self-reflection becomes a getaway to gaining a sense of who you are as an individual. When was the last time you devoted a portion of your time to feel the breath in your lungs, or the sensory input from your body in how you're sitting in your chair while reading my words? Meditation has been a tool that's given me a glimpse of the practices of mindfulness. The importance of connecting with the core elements of who and what we are becomes apparent when we step away from the ever-evolving landscape that demands our finite amount of attention on a constant basis. Our curiosity will always be at the forefront of our attention; we have to be mindful that there's a limit to what the physical entity we call the self can deal along the journey. 

The answers that lay for us to discover will only be manageable to conceive as rational thought if we act as a collective force. The depth of our imagination and curiosity has immense power to formulate narratives that entices inspiration. The possibilities of where inspiration can take you are boundless only by what you perceive as resistance. We might not be able to make sense of what creates the essence of ourselves, but for progress to happen, we can't do this alone. Deep and insightful conversations are one of the wealthiest human experiences we can have. There has been so much change that's occurred through our short span of existence. The journey of understanding why we are here and what makes us who we are is still a long road to travel. The opportunities of being able to reach further into the mind are waiting for us to discover. One day we will find a deeper connection with the conscious self, in the meantime, the joy of the unknown is waiting for us to explore.

photograph of the day: 11/15/18

Location: Ammonite Falls. Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

ammonite falls.jpg

-The question; what lies within you? In the world of the imagination and our state of existence, there's a power that lays within the realm of the light of consciousness. Follow up question; where does this entity exist in the existential flow we acknowledge as life? The search of understanding the sheer potential we embody is the journey we embark when purpose coincides with inspiration. The action of reaching true intention requires periods of extensive learning and trials of failures and success to comprehend the nature of your beliefs in why you're here on this earth. The path through the unknown landscape imposes adversity that'll challenge the very being that is you. The last question; what will you do to attain the power that lies within you? 

The continual pursuit of attaining reason and purpose in my journey will end when my light of consciousness fades into the darkness. It's taken time to consent to the thought of pushing my abilities to the very end of my existence. The reality of my mortal-self imposing limitations as I age hangs in the threshold of consensus I wholeheartedly can't ignore. The imminent trepidation of reaching a closure to my existence weighs in my presence as a reminder I won't be here forever. To some, the very notion of our limited exposure to the fabric of time can be discouraging, sad. The sensibility of our minds wanting to survive gives justification in why we might feel this way. The dichotomy of life and death can provide a means of commonality beyond the intuitive perception our minds comprehend. At the present moment, the correlation between these two realities might not exist. As the journey continues to build the individual you're meant to become, reason will follow when you gain the ability to understand the structure that supports the goal you want to reach. 

The answers we want won't present themselves willingly. The effort of placing the finite amount of energy we possess into optimal action when we're running against the clock of time requires skillsets only experience can create. We will fall, we will fail. Our emotions will rise, and it will slow down. In the peaks and bounds to the commitment to our causes, we will gain the perception required to understand the landscape once uncharted. The natural energy nestled in our state of existence is destined to see the light of day. Time is both with and against the journey we want to pursue. We must take the initiative to fulfill the inquiry to understand the imperative nature waiting for our light of consciousness to discover. The questions lie in front of you. What will you do in order to answer them? 

photograph of the day: 11/16/18

Location: Ammonite Falls River. Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

ammonite falls river.jpg

-As the breath escapes the celestial body that cradles the light of consciousness, the entity that remains stands firm on the ground it's known for as long as it can remember. Each step taken across the wondrous landscape that awaits discovery is an opportunity for our minds to explore the boundaries of what is imaginary, to what is achievable. Our eyes gaze at the horizon in wonder, inquiring of the possibilities that lay beyond what we can't physically perceive in our present moment. The despairing notion of reaching the end of one's life can disengage focus from the trajectory established from the pursuit in attaining a sense of purpose. As the breath escapes the celestial body that cradles the light of consciousness, the entity remains firm on the ground aligned on the path it's destined to follow. 

My perception of reality has changed throughout my course of existence. Growth has manifested in my life in ways only time can rationalize as logical thinking. The ability to comprehend the complexity of the individual I want to become demands my energy instilled at the helm of my mind focused and willed for change. The instances where my decisions governed by ill-revised conceptions I didn't understand to be wrong has given me the chance to learn essential lessons required to travel across uncharted landscapes. Moments throughout our existence at times provide uncannily crucial pieces of content which resonate to our calling. Junctures that seem daunting at first glance can open a part of your mind in ways that couldn't have happened if you ignore to take a chance. I've experienced plenty of junctures throughout my journey, and I welcome the unknown to continue introducing itself as I progress through the landscape I've called home. 

The course of one's means of fulfillment will undoubtedly be a story of great tales. Nature has proven that landscapes and everything that inhabits within it can change in ways beyond the state of existence it encapsulated throughout a period. Change is inevitable and necessary. We must stand within our power in what we believe is right to ourselves and also be receptive to the possibilities of expanding our perception to help gain personal growth. We can learn so much from the environment that surrounds us. The ground that you stand on provides a means of the foundation required to sustain life. The seed planted within the foundation attains nourishment which helps grow the entity we call life. The light of the sun provides sustenance and direction for the entity to pursue. As time goes on, the body becomes more abundant, stronger, with various signs of trials of adversity along its journey. Eventually, the body becomes the entity it was destined to become, providing value for everything that lives around it. We can learn from nature and the benefits it can offer. Were all built from core elements that connect us in ways that only time can showcase. 

photograph of the day: 11/19/18

Location: Nanaimo. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

nanaimo coastline.jpg

-Your eyes open up. Your mind slowly comes into play. Thoughts circulate through the neurological pathways structured from the journey you've embarked on till the present moment. The light of consciousness becomes engaged as the energy within the mind instills the fuel to move thought into action. The body moves slowly. The state of being rises from rest. The initiative that lays waiting for us stays patiently as our feet connect to the ground; links to the landscape which supports our inquiries, our purpose, and our continual progression to the mysteries that reside in the plain of existence we all call home. 

Our subconscious mind can process 20 000 000 bits of information a second. Our conscious mind can handle around 40 bits of information a second. The biological, computational structure we possess is an evolutionary marvel to experience. The sensory input alone that helps run and maintain the vessel of our light of consciousness is a tremendous feat to support. Beyond the essential functions our minds sustain on a daily basis, the information we receive regularly surpasses the threshold of our predecessors, which poses a challenge in itself; how do we filter what is required for our purposes when we get bombarded by various sources of content that entice our interest? My struggles affiliated with the constant connection with our evolving societal structure has introduced challenges that required periods of understanding my needs related to the goal I want to fulfill. This scenario, among many, comes with the responsibility of keeping the light of consciousness ignited while the pursuit of purpose continues. 

The beauty of the entity that lays within every one of us lies an understanding of what all happens when we become conscious of the world; we become alive. Relentless effort is required. Trial and error is mandatory. Instilling an unlimited amount of belief in what you want to create, what you want to achieve, is crucial when pursuing goals not attainable at first glance. Time, dedication, open-mindedness, courage, willingness to fail, and the hunger to succeed all play a role in the journey that you want to follow. Open your eyes. Let your mind come into play. Let your imagination spread its wings and see where it can take you.

photograph of the day: November 20, 2018

Location: Jordan River. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

jordan river.jpg

Set aside the thought of living a life fulfilled with the intentions you've been working towards to. Set aside the drive, commitment, and determination to the continual pursuit towards your desired horizon. Set aside the feelings associated with the discoveries, lessons, and trials of adversity while traveling through the unknown landscape. What do you have left of the light of consciousness to call it's own? What shred of value does an individual claim when little is left to inspire the energy within ourselves? The relevance of this thought exercise can be dramatic to the present perception; even counter-intuitive depending where your mindset's fixated. The reality of the notion is that it can happen. A moment in time can overtake your progress, leaving what you've achieved to fall away into the darkness. 

The trials of introspective search within the self-have proven to benefit my overall well being. Periods of quietness helped opened the mental space needed to rework the foundation that supports my light of consciousness. The definitiveness of where I would be if I didn't take the initiative of pursuing a sense of innate understanding is questionable to my mental health. I'm still a considerable distance away from attaining my ideal neurological infrastructure that will support the entity I want to become. I've had moments where I slipped beyond the threshold of what my mind could handle, reaching darker parts of myself that ultimately placed me in a state of submission. These moments of adversity were challenging to deal with, but with time and an immense amount of effort from within myself and the support around me, I eventually got to the other side. The lessons I learned became a part of my journey to the horizon I want to reach. 

Now that you've taken the time to imagine a world where your values and goals you want to reach are out of sight, how do you feel? Do you feel lost? Does it feel like there's a part of yourself that's disengaged, leaving an empty space that instigates a sense of pain like no other? The fear of losing something meaningful in our lives can lead to an unwanted sensation we painstakingly try to avoid, yet there are many instances where we readily write off our efforts based on various notions; lack of confidence, discouragement, disbelief in our abilities. The complex mind can create endless narratives if you let it. You need to attain the capability of recognizing what your values and goals are, set your sights on them, and push forward towards the direction you need to go. In a world where we reside on this planet for a brief period time, there's no necessity in depriving yourself of what you want to do with your life. Your intuition will tell you the truth. Try and set aside the life of fulfillment you want to achieve; What is your intuition telling you? 

photograph of the day: 11/21/18

Location: Big Lonely Doug. Port Renfrew. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

big lonely doug.jpg

The world is a vast landscape full of possibilities. The various forms of life inhabiting the ground, the air, and the bodies of water have adapted themselves through evolution, trials of adversity, and the intuitive willingness to survive. The surface we walk on has a history fabricated, destroyed, and restructured itself to the lands we explore in our present moment in time. The blessing of being alive in a period where we can be harmonious with nature and every entity that resides within it is beautiful to behold in our minds. The reality of our existence is we face trying feats of adversity in our journeys. The societal landscape we live in is continuously challenged with ever-evolving changes we create as a collective. Nature is at risk of becoming a space we and many other living beings won't favor to be a part of. The light of consciousness is a gift and a threat to the blue planet we call home.

My endless love of the beauty that surrounds us has brought me to places that have filled my desires of wonder and adventure. The moment I set my eyes on the end of a destination, the overwhelming feeling I receive is remarkable. The heart rate slows down; the eyes open wider. The breath starts to quiet down. The focus becomes wholly invested in the present moment. The connection from the landscape to my feet that leads to my conscious mind is devoted to processing what's in front of me. There have been instances where describing the sensation from my experiences is difficult. Words didn't properly contextualize the sense of happiness, fullness, appreciation, and gratefulness bestowed on me. The tremendous abilities nature has to offer for all living entities is a lesson we should all take the time to understand; for the light of consciousness to survive, we must create the individual we want to become to fulfill our purpose, and also provide a means of support to other walks of life that could benefit from your help. 

The complexity of our minds and the thought process that comes with our neurological infrastructure comes with a cost. As society develops a safe, partially sustainable, habitable landscape, we must recognize that what we take from the earth will either take time to regrow or not grow at all. The constant demand for ravaging the beauty that surrounds us will inevitably have a profound effect on the world. The challenges we come in contact with, along with our brothers and sisters, can be overcome. We must be in the same conversation, the same wavelength, the same plane of existence to fabricate order to create change in the most optimal manner possible. The alternative option is risking losing the beauty that surrounds us — the possibility of being harmonious with nature and everything that inhabits within it. Our collective knowledge, coinciding with historical wisdom, can light the path we must follow if we place our finite energy to take action. We're all part of one marvelous creation that could very well not have happened if the circumstances didn't align in our favor. Cherish your life. Instill purpose in your journey. Share your love for all the living beings that walk within your path. Become the light of consciousness that will carry our value throughout the future. 

photograph of the day: 11/22/18

Location: Avatar Grove. Vancouver Island. British Columbia, Canada.

avatar grove 1.jpg

The imagination that lies in every one of us is a powerful tool to create the life you want to achieve. When the spark of inspiration ignites within the light of consciousness, the neurological traffic that follows will engage the energy required to stimulate and motivate the imagination to visualize the next step. In an instant, we get exposed to an element that'll trigger a part of ourselves to wonder, explore, and attempt to make sense of the feelings we're experiencing all means. Our inquisitive nature gravitates to what intrigues us, what entices our personal growth to become a part of our journey. We are a product of what our minds can create. The imagination is a part of the mental entity that enables the living being to exist harmoniously with the world. 

From an early age, I found myself being inspired by many stimulates that drove me to try new experiences. My creative journey ventured into various forms of artistic endeavors as I explored the capabilities that lay within me. Photography became one of my creative outlets that resonated with my imagination. Having the ability to enjoy the outdoors, I utilized nature as my canvas, my playground, to help lay the projects I create. The open space helped to let my mind attain focus. The quiet atmosphere, the energy of the area, every feature that inhabits the composition becomes a part of creation that I can call my own. My intentions of capturing the beauty that surrounds us go far more profound than satisfying my need for creative fulfillment. I want to have the ability to convey a story that I hope inspires imaginations to ignite around the world. I want lives to embrace everything nature can provide to us. Most importantly, I'm inevitably creating an achieve of a life which existed within a period, and with that, I wish that future lights of consciousness can find value in the creations I leave to them when I'm gone. 

Let your imagination soar to it's fullest capabilities. The restrictions we place on a crucial part of who we are is a detrimental action we can't afford to submit us in a standstill. We have the ability to build a foundation where our imaginations can establish itself onto. We have the energy to supply momentum for the steps required to instill progress in our visions. We have boundless sources of inspiration waiting for our curious eyes to discover. We need to commit to what we believe is valuable and fulfilling to our finite amount of time on this plane of existence in order to justify a means of placing a purpose for our conscious minds to be awake and aware at this present moment in time. Don't be afraid of what outcomes will come from your efforts. Let your imagination become a part of your journey that we all call life. 

photograph of the day: 11/23/18

Location: Avatar Grove. Port Renfrew, British Columbia, Canada.

avatar grove 2.jpg

The stunning beauty that nature can't create never seases to amaze me.

Photograph of the day: 11/26/18

Location: Sea To Sea Regional Park. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

lookout stastion.jpg

The process of learning pathways in life and minds is a challenging feat to undertake. The conditioning that occurs throughout the beginning of the light of consciousness's awakening commences a trajectory for the entity to be inspired and guided in an unknown landscape. Where our hearts will steer is entirely at the mercy of the influences we're exposed to as we venture into a direction which holds mysteries in the outcomes we want to attain. The possibilities of what we can achieve are boundless only by the limitations we place on ourselves. A part of the barriers we face is truly understanding what we're capable of comprehending and how to apply our actions to conducive measures. The process of learning is challenging, following through the adversity instills fear we may or may not want to face. A part of life continues.

Life has presented me with challenging moments throughout my journey which questioned my capabilities of what I believed was accomplishable. Instances of intense anxiety and crippling fear has won over my mind more often than I want to admit. The notion of attempting to take the next step required for me to step away from my comfort space, and move into a landscape I was unfamiliar and scared to go through. The practice embedded in my subconscious state firing signals of refraining any further action was a gift and a curse at the same time. Throughout my time on this existential landscape, my periods of developing the understanding of my intent on this earth had its fair share of intrusions that threaten the very foundation which held my values. I've survived through the turbulence, I've seen the light on the other side of the darkness. Those moments became integral to my continual progression through the journey of my life. 

The reality of our time on this finite plane of existence is without question a blessing and a responsibility we must all bare to cradle. We are the creators of our paths; we attain the ability to point our perception to where we want to go. The moment we understand the energy that lies within us has profound strength in enabling inspiration to action is a moment we truly become alive. Throughout our journey, there's going to be instances of trial and error, success and failure. The next step is taking the initiative in learning from your mistakes, comprehend the nature of why you weren't able to capture the opportunity facing you. Condition the mindset to realize that short-term setbacks can have value for the long-term commitment. Open your mind, let change be a part of your life, and take each step throughout your journey as the first and last steps you'll make towards the life want to live. 

photograph of the day: 11/27/18

Location: Pacific Marine Road. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

marine road river.jpg

The power of love is a strength beyond anything comparable we understand in our plane of existence. The capabilities we hold within our light of consciousness pertains an ability to support energy so immense that we can experience and share with other walks of life. The gift of understanding what brings joy to your presence is a mystery. How the mental state develops neurological traffic to fire in a manner to be receptive towards specific directions holds questions one day we might understand. Our minds have evolved with a core initiative; to enable the practices and skillsets to survive. The pallet of emotions we embody and continue to inspire all exists from everything that engages our interests, our curiosity, and our sense of purpose as we venture throughout the unknown landscape. In a world where living beings with complex entities reside together in large numbers, placing priorities on values that benefit our social construct and the natural order that surrounds it is crucial for the conscious beings to experience with the finite amount of time we're given. Our connection with love, one of the most potent and beneficial energies we recognize to all living beings, needs to be strong. Love needs to be a regular integral part of our journey. Once we acknowledge the value of what love can provide throughout our collective, the possibilities of what we can attain through our efforts of being a part of an important piece of historical relevance for generations to come will help carry the light of consciousness till the end of time. 

photograph of the day: 11/28/18

Location: Sea To Sea Regional Park. Vancouver Island. British Columbia, Canada.

waterfall with car.jpg

"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. You're playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you."

-Quote by Marianne Williamson

photograph of the day: 11/29/18

Location: Pacific Marine Road. Vancouver Island. British Columbia, Canada.

marine road 2.jpg

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life."

-Quote By William Morris.

photograph of the day: 11/30/18

Location: Sea To Sea Regional Park. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

sea to see pipeline.jpg

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

- Quote By Stephen Hawking