The moment is tense; the emotions are running rampant, the conscious peripheral sees the landscape in an altered state of existence. What once felt a sense of security within the confines of your personal space has changed into a force of uncertain energy that's out of your control. The focus of retaining some form of stability and calm over the situation is beyond your reach. What is going on? Which direction should you face when the horizon of your journey becomes a distant light? What will be your next move towards gaining complete authority over the structural vitality and integrity that is your light of consciousness?

The instance of adversity is a getaway in the unknown. The liability of your uncertainty creates the opportunity for failure to accomplish meaning and results, but it also provides the opportunity to learn. When we push over the threshold of our capabilities, we open ourselves to a perception of our consciousness unrecognized when we're on a plain of comfort distant from the threats we avoid. The light of consciousness has no incentive to search for directly challenging itself on purpose at any given chance it can get. The less we have to extinguish problematic endeavors, the better off we are to continue our course of pursuing what we believe is vital for our own, individual values. In practice, the mechanism that enables the mindset to filter troublesome scenarios is integral to our survival, without the preliminary subconscious that allows fear and reprehension to occupy our perception, we as a living entity might not exist as well as we do in this present moment. There's a degree where we as a species might have let this practice take over the limits of what's necessary for our continuously evolving landscape, and we tend to misinterpret triggered emotions for what could potentially be an opportunity to grow as an individual, and let the instance pass away. 

In an unknown landscape, the options of imminent failure are most promising. The journey of pursuing the sense of purpose your searching comes at a significant cost, more than what your current state of headspace can comprehend. The opportunity that lies behind the hurdle that you need to surpass can serve as the next step in reaching essential knowledge that'll carry the light of consciousness to where it needs to follow. The instances of fear and uncertainty have the strength to submit yourself to the point of sudden disability, but if you can persevere through the channel of adversity that you're against, the reward can be well worth the effort. 



A mind is a unit, a tool, of impeccable power beyond what our perception of consciousness perceives. The abilities embedded within all the neurological infrastructure that facilitate the existential being to follow a path towards a horizon, a sense of purpose, instigates the curiosity of understanding the principal motive of the intentions of its construct. Why are we so compelled to stray away from the various comforts of our postmodern industrial accomplishments and subjectively put ourselves at risk when the odds are against our well being? Based on our comprehension of what constitutes as objectively rational, living within the thresholds of safety and securement should provide ample sustenance to what we desire. But here we are, questioning the societal structure our past generations have created for our well being and exploring strange landscapes that push against the grain of what we believe is sensible, and instead pursuing a course of action that can bring our light of consciousness towards another trajectory. 

As a young man, I've progressively come to the definite conclusion that the dialogue I'm having with myself and the world that surrounds me is beyond my awareness of present understanding. I acknowledge my experience of establishing connections within my mindset has more room to grow, and rightfully so to provide a means of understanding the world that surrounds me. Where the consensus materializes in my judgment becomes evident is when I grow older, my perception of the world around me becomes broader. The narrative of my trajectory through time opens to more substantial degrees where I naturally venture into the unknown to provide more value in my personal and creative growth. The practice of attaining knowledge has inspired and enact change in my overall state of mind. With that premise permeated through my light of consciousness, I continue my journey towards the unknown horizon. 

One of the incentives that we're searching for when it comes to defining understanding within ourselves is enabling a sense of purpose in our finite course of existence. One of the most significant questions we inquire is why we are alive? How have we developed into the living entities we've become at our present moment when the essence of our being come from elements of the cosmos that within its origin is still widely misunderstood. We've peered into the vast space that surrounds us to comprehend the nature of the universe, and for the insignificant amount of time we've established a means of reason to our existence with technological advancements that helps us gain a clearer perspective, the quest of embracing our purpose is still relatively unclear. From here, this is where I believe we can justify the means, among other reasons, of stepping away from comfort and venture into the unknown horizon. With enacting a sense of understanding of ourselves, the act of pursuing what seems logical, despite how irrational our current social construct interprets its logic, creates the fulfillment we are all searching in a world that is open to exploring.




The pathway that leads to our interpretation of fulfillment and legacy is one riddled with choices, chances, risk, collateral damage, and an opportunity to learn. The moments of adversities present themselves with our attention averted in line to what we believe is essential. Our state of mind within those present periods are conditioned to project a correlation to understand reason from conflict, but there are instances we will find ourselves in a position of potential failure. The course of life continues, the air surrounding our status will seep into our lungs as it did before. We are prepared to create the infrastructure that'll outline the trajectory of our story. It's where the influences embedded beyond the unknown horizon that the real narrative begins. 

The introspective discourse I've experienced throughout my journey thus far has showcased the integrity of what I'm made of, of who I am. Countless examples of failure have left a mark on my presence while traveling through our plain of life, instantly triggered when I encounter a memory in my mind, or in physical form standing straight in front of me. Precaution to the winds of risk has become a practice that I continue to construct to this day. The premise of extinguishing risk and failure out of my journey is complicated, even futile to a degree. The continual progression I gain is a step towards unknown landscape, a glance at a view I've never seen before. As I've grown older, my knowledge which cultivates into wisdom has served an essential role in my perception of what I want in life and what I need to do to attain the tools and assets required in my continual odyssey. The process of creating the entity that harbors my light of consciousness has been arduous, but I know when I reach the edge of my horizon, the return in investing in my vision will become the light I want to achieve. 

Let the world become the platform you'll require to learn and experience the fundamental elements vital to the existence of yourself and the energy that's prepared to see the light of day. The crucial role of permitting what truly matters is taking the initiative of stepping outside of your state of securement and embrace the challenges waiting for you. With each incremental step you place towards the direction of your choosing, the bedrock of stabilizing your vision and the continual inspiration that'll help sustain the strength will establish the principle of what you can become. Acknowledge the undesirable notion that the possibility of defeat and lack of stable efficiency is going to cross your path. Be prepared to deal with moments of adversity when you least expect it, and learn from the experience and in exchange explore the vital information that'll present itself the aftermath as you continue your course towards the horizon.