Travel Blog: May 17, 2019

Galiano Island. British Columbia Canada.



-The crossroads of fear and safety is a challenging position to face. Our minds are wired to avoid adversity in exchange for security; there's a strong probability of personal growth laying over the unknown horizon. The question lies; What road will you take?-

Located between the Trincomali Channel and the Strait Of Georgia, Galiano Island is one of the beautiful southern Gulf islands close to Vancouver Island that provides a means of escape into nature. The trip was my first time visiting what I was anticipating was going to be a fantastic adventure. The first step for me was to take for the crossing was the Schwartz Bay ferry, which will carry me through the various islands in the area. Pender, Prevost, and Mayne Island are some of the beautiful sights you see while crossing. My personal experience with ferries were few and far between while growing up in Nova Scotia, but out here it's a part of the lifestyle. 

Ferry boat.jpg

-What is your approach to challenging adversity? Take small steps towards the unknown to build courage in crossing the threshold of fear? Or go all in and hope for success to align with your trajectory? -

The evening weather was perfect. The sun was setting over the horizon, the water was relatively calm, and my excitement for seeking photographic opportunities took the better part of my attention. The main plan for the weekend was allocated in spending time with my wonderful girlfriend and her friends and get away from the city noise to relax for several days with good company. We stopped at Mayne Island to go onto another ferry, and with a little over a half an hour crossing left, we touched land at Studies Bay on Galiano. The first few moments driving through one the few main roads on the island gave me the impression that I was where I was supposed to be. There was no massive amount of traffic, no traffic or street lights, and no city noise. It was just ourselves, a few other vehicles in front of us, and a quiet, dark road that eventually leads us to our destination. 


-Each of our methods of conquering personal conquests varies from individual to individual. No one model or practice will help you to overcome your challenges fully. A part of our journey will consist of going through life long lessons that'll help shape our conscious being into who we will become.-

With a population of 1044 inhabitants, Galiano Island is 27 kilometers long, and 6 kilometer at its widest point. The forests that surrounded the road was dense and looked very healthy. There are several different provincial parks on the island. On the southern end, you have Bellhouse Provincial Park, which provides a beautiful viewing of the water and all the coastal features the area has to offer. Mount Galiano is a great hike that'll bring you at an elevation of 1030 high feet into the dense forests. Unique for its shell beach and active ocean life, Montague Harbour Marine Provincial Park is a great location to relax by the shoreline or go and see little crabs walk by in the shallow water. Further north of the island provides stunning locations like Bodega Ridge Provincial Park, which offers ridges that rise over 100 meters from the sea level. One park I was particularly interested was Dionisio Provincial Park, located on the furthest North East end of the island. Only accessible by boat, the findings out there from what I heard from the locals is incredible. Tidal pools, sandstone sculptures, beautiful wildflowers, and sand beaches are some of the beauties that I'll be looking forward too on my next visit.


-We must face adversity at one time or another to obtain personal growth throughout our travels in the existential plane we call our home. The process will never be easy to face and to overcome. The result will vary on your performance. The experience will establish itself as a part of your conditioning on how you perceive the world. -

My adventure started with admiring some of the sandstone formations located not too far north from Montague Provincial Park. The incredible structure of these rock faces interacting with the ocean and time has created stunning natural sculptures. The morning weather provided beautiful exposure to the scene, which started my little adventure on a good note. I didn't preplan any destinations to visit, so I was taking a chance on trying to find photography. For an unprepared Frenchman, the island did not disappoint. Wondering around the coastal shores with the unique sandstone formations created a beautiful creative environment for photography. The crisp, various colored ocean running underneath the bright blue sky made for a fantastic landscape to explore. The lush, dense forests that ran alongside one of the main roads kept my attention going, right up to a point I found a beautiful location that consists of massive boulders and all sorts of different vegetation surrounding the beautiful multicolored trees. With the last day on being on the island coming upon me, I took some time and spent it in the stillness and peacefulness of my current surroundings. 

montague forest.jpg

-In the end, we will come to the crossroads of the unknown and settle onto the question of what direction will you take? How you perceive the issue and follow through with your actions will become the next step in fabricating a means to attain the goals you want to achieve. -

My last day on the island slowly came to light, with heavy overcast and some drizzles of rain setting into the morning. I felt very fortunate in having nothing but fantastic weather throughout the weekend. We packed all of the gear back into the truck, bid our farewells to excellent company, and got onto the road to head towards the ferry terminal. I took a little bit of my morning to reflect my experience from Galiano. For the past several months, I haven't traveled to various destinations as I used too. One of the realities of trying to establish progression on a side hustle/passion project is that it requires a lot of your time, effort, and energy. When I initially moved to the island, the first several months were a blast. Every weekend I made plans to see different places in and outside of Vancouver Island. As the adventures piled behind me, my ability to keep up the pace of creating content for Resonance Reflection while working a full-time job started to slow down. I felt mentally and emotionally exhausted. The more I began to drift away from my photography, the more I began to lose interest in wanting to get into the creative mindset. With the help of family, friends, and my incredible girlfriend, I've gotten to a point where I feel ready to get my hands onto my camera. The lesson of reaching a limit and experiencing the mental and emotional motions I've gone through has taught me an awareness of myself, achieving a deeper understanding of what I'm capable and what I'm limited with my current conscious state. I'm grateful to have received these life lessons in the past several months, and I will continue forward with my intentions of capturing the beauty that surrounds us and see where this adventure we call life will bring me. 

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-Take the opportunities of facing the unknown in the most optimal manner you can. We're all different in how we interact and live within the finite amount of time we have on this planet. `Be resourceful, creative, and optimistic of the potential your life has to offer to this world. We only have one opportunity in living our story, make it a beautiful one.-