PHOTOGRAPH OF THE DAY: january 4, 2019

LOCATION: pacific marine road. vancouver island, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA.



The power of love is a strength beyond anything comparable we understand in our plane of existence. The capabilities we hold within our light of consciousness pertains an ability to support energy so immense that we can experience and share with other walks of life. The gift of understanding what brings joy to your presence is a mystery. How the mental state develops neurological traffic to fire in a manner to be receptive towards specific directions holds questions one day we might understand. Our minds have evolved with a core initiative; to enable the practices and skillsets to survive. The pallet of emotions we embody and continue to inspire all exists from everything that engages our interests, our curiosity, and our sense of purpose as we venture throughout the unknown landscape. In a world where living beings with complex entities reside together in large numbers, placing priorities on values that benefit our social construct and the natural order that surrounds it is crucial for the conscious beings to experience with the finite amount of time we're given. Our connection with love, one of the most potent and beneficial energies we recognize to all living beings, needs to be strong. Love needs to be a regular integral part of our journey. Once we acknowledge the value of what love can provide throughout our collective, the possibilities of what we can attain through our efforts of being a part of an important piece of historical relevance for generations to come will help carry the light of consciousness till the end of time. 

PHOTOGRAPH OF THE DAY: january 11, 2019

LOCATION: duncan. vancouver island, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA.


Do you feel the energy surrounding you? Can you hear the pulse from the life that encompasses your very being? Is there a sense of connection you thrive in wanting to reach within yourself and the landscape that lays in front of you? As we progress through the unknown, the necessity of gaining clarity of our purpose within this plane of existence becomes a journey we undertake for the rest of our lives. For each chance we take towards opportunities we're presented throughout our efforts of understanding who we are, those incremental periods become the foundation of the individual you are destined to become. 

The progression of establishing my position in this world has taken me on adventures I won't forget for as long as I will remain on this earth. The importance of fulfilling what I believe is vital to my being has developed a perception towards my interpretation of value in a way that carries throughout all aspects of my life. Materialistic assets, retaining a personal image unrelatable to who I am, and following the trends that influence us on a daily base never resonated with me for as long as I can remember. I acknowledge the movements created in our diverse social structures we reside in and support the importance of artistic endeavors creative individuals establish for our hearts to enjoy. The threshold of where that line exists and where I'm traveling will meet from time to time, but ultimately my creative vision will be an entity I can be proud of sharing to the world. 

As we begin our journey towards the life we want to live, there needs to be an understanding of the reality of what can happen with the choices that we make. We will make mistakes throughout our efforts of attaining ground towards the goals we want to reach. The return you gain from having to deal with adversity is the ability to learn from the experience. Having the ability to fully adhere to the reality of the circumstances of your choice is a part of the course of life we need to recognize. Embrace all that exists within the realm of the world we inhabit. The energy that you feel, the pulse that you hear, the connection that's waiting for you won't last forever. Take advantage of the gift you're given, and cherish everything you'll experience on your journey. 

PHOTOGRAPH OF THE DAY: january 16, 2019

Location: Cowichan Valley. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


Can you recall the time where your heart connected with the landscape around you? The present moment is entirely within your focal point. The feeling of the earth beneath your feet. The atmosphere's surrounding your skin. The air's filling your lungs. All of your sensations are engaged with the life that is you, and the world that's around you. You take in the effect of the energy embedded within the light of consciousness and the vessel that is our bodies all into account. How did this all begin, why are we here? These questions, among many, are why we continue to search for understanding in a landscape full of mystery and wonder. 

As we progress through the trials and trepidations of instilling a sense of comprehending our purpose on this plane of existence, we do know we are one with the world that surrounds us. Various changes throughout time have played a role in fabricating the entities we've become. Simple organisms evolved into the complex beings which have roamed many different parts of the world. We've had the opportunity to experience life, learn from our mistakes, and gain knowledge and wisdom for future lights of consciousness to utilize throughout their journeys. We are one with nature; we are a part of an incredible creation. We must recognize our finite amount of time on this earth as a gift we can't waste. Take the time to connect with nature, and ultimately with yourself.