Canadian Cross Country Road Trip

It was a dream of mine to explore Canada. That dream came true in the summer of 2016. I prepared myself for the upcoming adventure after packing my camera gear and driving towards the East Coast. I spent time with family and friends in my hometown of Clare, Nova Scotia. After grounding myself, I embarked on my long awaited journey. In leaving Nova Scotia, I headed to the gorgeous coastal landscape of Cape Breton. Newfoundland provided endless inspirational sights and a ton of great discoveries to experience. My heart melted in bliss with the soft sandy beaches and glowing sunsets in Prince Edward Island. New Brunswick encompasses a natural feeling and power that is moving as you see the Appalachian Mountains and rich forests. Old Quebec offers historical grounds to be wandered in absolute awe. Biking through the metropolis of Montreal created an urban adventure while visiting Quebec. Ontario's landscape is full of surprises with the massive freshwater lakes and vast bodies of nature. The joy of the summer days was brought out in a pallet of colors through the open fields of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. The vibrant energy emitted throughout the prairies is priceless. Time and nature are artists whose work I admire as I venture into the Rocky Mountains. I wrapped up my trip in a province that features a little bit of everything I've seen and so much more, giving the reputation of British Columbia one of the most beautiful places in Canada. The beauty and natural wonder of this landscape I've explored throughout my journey will inspire me for a long time.

-Marcel Comeau Sunday, January 1st, 2017


Feel free to take a copy of all the articles that's been written about my trip across this beautiful country I call home. These are my blog posts all compiled from my departure from the East Coast in the province of Nova Scotia, and my adventure I've experienced all the way to the West Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. There's a selection of my favorite images of each province that'll accompany the articles. I hope you enjoy the read as much as I've enjoyed taking the time to experience and cherish this trip and write it down for you. Take care. 

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Canadian Cross Country Road Trip Vlogs

With all there is to see and explore within Canada I wanted to take the time to document as much of my experience as possible. Throughout the trip, I recorded short vlogs and shared it online for people to join me on my tremendous journey across this beautiful country.