What's Passing You By?

-Tuesday, June 27, 2017

 Northern Lights In Central Alberta, Canada.

Northern Lights In Central Alberta, Canada.

I sat and watched the Northern Lights dance in the night sky. I was with friends having a fire in the summer evening when one of them mentioned to look up. The natural spectacle was tremendous. It surprised me how well I could see the detail of each shade of color as the scene unfolded in front of us. The transition from having a conversation about topics that affect or interest us disappeared, and our attention became invested in the present moment. We have the tendency of doing that from time to time; missing potential sights and opportunities. I wonder on occasion what I’ve passed off in my lifetime regarding this notion. My intuition of being on the right path in life is debatable. My struggle is my premeditated trajectory trying to align to the reality of the present and future state. I don’t have the ability to predict the various factors that affect the overall thoroughfare of my own life. I have the capacity to decide where to infuse my focus and deter adversity, but I lack the skillset to alleviate the damage if unannounced issues present themselves.

The consensus we have over ourselves to pursue the path of least resistance is understandable. We don’t want to go through discomfort or pain and misery if needn’t be. Any living organism on this planet encompasses this preliminary objective in their biological wiring. We practice being proactive against all the odds, but there’s only so much we can predict. Some individuals have a great safeguard structure when it comes to their well-being, but not everyone is as fortunate. For those of us who acquit poorly in this concern, what is it that places a convoluted perspective on ourselves. Do we become oblivious when we get to a state of contentment that we become complacent to actualize dormant prosperity in each other? Is our course of action based on our upbringing within a demographic and environment that creates shades over the contingencies we might miss? Or could it be the rapid cultural growth juxtaposed with a population that tries to keep up with the constant demand of distinct existential stimulation and sustainability? This exchange we place ourselves forms a perpetuated cycle of challenges that in on itself leaves individuals and industries alike on a knife’s edge. An ambiguous horizon we face that holds possible inexorable conclusions we’re not seeking.

It’s difficult to define the probable causes based on the high complexity of the living entities that exist in our ecosystem. Each one of us has a unique itinerary distinctive with our search for meaningful aspiration. The pursuit of attaining an accurate understanding of ourselves has been discussed and argued for quite some time. What’s changed in the path of our discourse is we’ve created an adept series of conduits that carry our voices to bring attention to our continual pursuance to other minds that have the ability to share their speculations and subjective viewpoints on the matter. We as a species, and as a resident on this planet we call home, have so much to inquire, explore, and apprehend when it comes to distinguishing knowledge away from false interpretation. This short article is my inquiry and a personal affidavit to how I and a number of us carry ourselves through life. I honestly believe that if we instill a sharper way of approach in recognizing present and even future prosperity that we have a better chance to harness what life has to offer for us entirely. I don’t have the answer of how to mend this inquiry, but I do have the notion of trying to attain some sense of it. I believe bringing the subject matter to light is the first step to accede to an objective solution in my progressional exploration, and potentially providing inspiration for others to do the same.