My name is Marcel Comeau. I am a photographer, musician, and outdoor enthusiast. I am a French Acadian, born and raised from the South-West shores of Nova Scotia. I grew up in a small town called Clare, located within Saint Mary's Bay in the Bay of Fundy. The coastal views, lighthouses, fishing wharfs, the vast amount of forests, rivers, and lakes make this area photogenic. This beauty captures the wandering eye. The local communities always greet you with a smile, leaving fond memories for whoever passing by. Clare is a tourist town with historical museums and outdoor attractions, so it wasn’t rare to be around cameras. I moved from Nova Scotia to Alberta in my early twenties seeking to start a new beginning. Photography became a natural step in documenting my life away from home. I did a little bit of photography in my late teens with disposable cameras with my friends, but that got replaced with music. I had a need to create original content on a regular basis and music gave me the freedom to fulfill that. But as much as I enjoy writing and listening to music, I have a great appreciation for the various types of visual art. That’s where the camera came back into my life. I went from point and shoot cameras to the ever evolving smartphone camera, to finally a DSLR. The idea of creating an image that connects emotions and conveys a message is what I want to compose and share. I'm a fan of what surrounds us. The landscape, people, animals, and human-made structures inspire me to create visual art. In this busy world, there are so many amazing things that are potentially going unnoticed. Through photography, film, and music I try my very best to compliment the beautiful world we inhabit. We must cherish the gift that we're given, and if I can showcase some of the beauty that surrounds us, I consider that a good day.

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